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(BITCOIN NEWS) BILLIONAIRES WARN ABOUT BITCOIN - RICHARD ... Bitcoin supported by world leaders and entrepreneurs bill gates Richard Branson, Bill Gates y mas hablan del Bitcoin - SUbtitulado Billionaires on Bitcoin (Bill Gates, Richard Branson ... Bill Gates believes in Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) is now moving below EMA10 after a double top... The crash is now on. The MACD has the bullish cross and the RSI trending now... I gave all the signals at the weekend... Prices will start to move lower for Bitcoin. It won't' be pretty. Namaste. Jag borde verkligen inte leva. Så skriver den före detta akademikern och busschauffören Albin Runge i sina anteckningar från 2012-13. Och när någon eller några tycks hota honom till livet har han full förståelse för detta. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency. Peer-to-peer (P2P) means that there is no central authority to issue new money or keep track of transactions. Instead, these tasks are managed collectively by the nodes of the network. Advantages: Bitcoins can be sent easily through the Internet, without having to trust middlemen. The claim is over 100 seperate purchase of illegal drugs worth over 9.5 million bitcoins of transactions which totals over 1.2 billion of sales (this is before the drop in bitcoin in the last hour). Also, a death hit to a previous user of silk road by Mr. Ulbricht and illegal gun trades done on Silk Road as well. Most of and last but not least, Grindabit exists to bring education to the bitcoin community. As we embark on the general poker community, i hope that we can see new faces in the rooms and get them knowledgable enough they will be able to share the “awesomeness” of what bitcoin is all about and how that is the gel of bitcoin gaming.

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